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How to identify the quality of household bottled water

Time:2021-01-14 Views:2572
1. Look at the color of the barrel-there is a problem with the color being too blue
  Dark, black, or purple ones are definitely "black buckets", and the color is too blue.
   Food-grade PC materials should be transparent and colorless, but most of the buckets on the market are blue. This cool color comes from PVC material (which has been confirmed to contain plasticizer). The color of the bucket is too dark, indicating that the more waste is added, it will also cover up water quality defects. Transparent or light blue buckets are safer.
  2. Look at the appearance of the barrel-the mouth piercing is inferior
   Check the quality of the bucket. Inferior buckets are dark in appearance and flat on the touch. Especially the mouth of the bucket is thorny, while the surface of the genuine bucket is smooth.
  3, look at the bottom of the barrel-two signs can not be less
   Formal barrel manufacturers often write the name and logo of the manufacturer, material number, production date, etc. on the bottom of the barrel, but "trash cans" do not. Pay special attention to the two QS signs: one is that the label of bottled water must be affixed with the QS mark; the other is that the bucket used by it must also have the QS mark of the bucket manufacturer, both of which are indispensable.
  4, look at the seal-fake water seal mold thin
  The heat-shrinkable film at the fake water seal is generally thin, and it is mostly blown with a hair dryer, and the wrinkles are uneven. The sealing film of real bottled water is thicker, with strong color and luster, tight and smooth.
   5. Look at the color of the water in the bucket-clear is good water
  Qualified drinking water should be colorless, transparent, clear, odorless, free of impurities, and free from visible objects.
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